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Find Your Why

Your ‘why’ is your reason to keep pushing. It is what motivates you to keep going, even when you don’t necessarily feel like it. The answer you are waiting for lies within you, but you have to dig deep to find your 'why'. Knowing your 'why' will also enable you to keep going, when giving up becomes the easiest thing to do.

What is your 'why?' It is the statement or response you utter when laziness and discouragement come to the forefront of your mind. It is the statement of encouragement that you give yourself when the odds seem stacked against you. No one else has the ability to tell you what your 'why' is or should be. It is personal. Set aside some time to sit down, reflect, and pray on what your 'why' is. You owe it to yourself. You will be glad you did! Once you do, you will be able to find purpose even in the most mundane tasks.

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