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Courage to Try Again

Courage is bravery. It is both the strength and the ability to press forward in the midst of fear, difficulty, or even criticism. Courage is an essential ingredient in your recipe for recovery. Your personal experience with failure is the basis of the fear that you need courage to overcome. Without courage, your doubts will reign supreme and prevent you from moving forward to achieve victory over the test. Today, it is critical for you to be intentional about recognizing God’s presence in your midst. He is with you. Make fear unwelcome in your heart, and choose to trust in the Lord instead. This experience is teaching you the true meaning of courage.


Lord, I thank you for your presence. I am so grateful that you love me so much that you are with me wherever I go. Today, I ask that you help me to feel your presence, so that I may be encouraged to complete my study and review for my exam. In Jesus’ name, Amen. One morning last week, I was almost to the office when all of a sudden I got stuck at a red light. I let out a heavy sigh because I was annoyed that I had to stop. I even shouted at the car ahead of me, “why didn’t you go?”, as if they could hear me. When I thought about the situation afterwards, I had to ask myself why I was so impatient.

Did you enjoy this month's post? It is actually an excerpt from the book I authored, Recalculating Route: A Devotional For Those Who Have Lost Their Way. Order your copy by clicking the "book tab."

Keep Climbing,


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