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Get Back in the Game

Have you ever felt like life has sidelined you? Do you feel that your circumstances have placed you on the bench? Do you feel as if you are sitting still as life continues around you? I am trying to set up a visual for you all here, so bear with me. It is the final quarter of your favorite sports game, and you are one of the team players. You have been on the bench for a quarter (or maybe multiple). Time has passed, and now the coach (God) has motioned you to get back in the game. The crowd is screaming your name. Now applying it to your situation, you have the support from others pushing you and encouraging you. However, you can not bring yourself to get up. You see, you have grown complacent on the bench. So, you continue to sit still doing nothing. There is a time and a season for everything. There is a time to be still and a time to be moved to action. If you fail to move when summoned, then you will not attain the victory that lies on the other end of your obedience. Someone is in the stands waiting to be inspired and impacted by you and your life’s work. Get back in the game!

Keep Climbing,


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