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Marriah Paige is an attorney, author, and blogger in Atlanta, Georgia.  She started her inspirational blog in 2013 to inspire and encourage others to keep climbing by sharing the faith, love, and hope of Christ. Her blog contains life-lessons, nuggets of wisdom, and advice for people of all ages. When Marriah is not writing you can find her enjoying milkshakes, smiling for photographs, and traveling the world. 

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Do you feel lost? Are you facing a setback and want to give up? Have you ever put your all into something, only for it to not work out? Are you in pursuit of your purpose but roadblocks are getting in the way? 


If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this devotional is for you. 


Marriah began writing this 45-day devotional after she was unsuccessful on the bar exam. The test gave her a testimony that is sure to encourage anyone. 


Some entries are pep talks that will motivate you; others are candid entries about the feelings she experienced. This book is sure to encourage anyone who has ever put their heart into something, and it did not work out.


Each entry includes scripture references, thought provoking messages, and a suggested prayer. This devotional is a helpful roadmap that will help you fix your attitude and renew your mind in order to stay the course, whether you are facing a delay, denial, or setback.

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