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As I sat next to my great-grandmother talking to her while she lay in her hospice bed, she turned to me and uttered “it’s not what I like, it’s what I have to do.” This was one of our final conversations, and her words will resonate with me forever. And as I cope with her death, I realize just how profound her words were.

Although I may not want to accept the reality, that I lost 2 crucial people in my life within 9 months, I know it’s what I have to do. Through everything, I have learned how to be triumphant even in the midst of loss. I know that may seem counterintuitve to some of you because we tend to associate “triumph” with “wins.” But, I am reminded of a quote from Joe Frazier that I read a while back, “Champions are not made in the ring, they are merely recognized there.” Your trials and tribulations are your training ground. You do not learn to fight merely from getting into the ring, you learn to fight when that is your only means to survive. There comes a point in life when you have to make the conscious choice to persevere. You may get knocked down or even knocked out. But, do not allow your situation to take you out! Get back up! Endure! Whether you realize it or not, each time you stand back up you are stronger than you were before! Push through the pain! Push through the fatigue! You are a champion, and it’s time to get in the ring. You may not win today or even tomorrow, but your time is coming. Remain steadfast! Your time is coming. Also, remember it does not matter whether you get the title or others acknowledge it, you are already victorious. But, you must truly believe it!

This post is dedicated to my Great-Grandmother who passed away on January 26, 2016.

Keep Climbing,


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