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Happy New Year! First, I would like to sincerely apologize for not consistently blogging this past year. 2015 was rough, but I am committed to do better in 2016. With that being said, beginning in February 2016 you can once again expect to see new content on the blog by the first Sunday of every month. I have to be diligent with the plans, projects, and purpose God has planted within me.

How many of you have an Iphone? Ipad? or Ipod? If you do, you know that the charger cords are not very durable and fray after a while. It can also get pricey to have to repeatedly buy replacements [especially if you are on a student budget like me]. Being the frugal, thrifty person I am, I opted to order from a third party distributor on Amazon. The listing said that the cables were compatible with my device, and it was being offered for a fraction of the price of the Apple cable. Not to mention, it included 3 of them!

I was disappointed, however, when they arrived. The cables looked just like the lightning usb cable that came with my Iphone. Same length, same design, same color, everything. When I first connected it to my phone, it seemed to be working. After a few seconds though it lost its signal, even though it was still plugged into my phone [and I had not moved it]. I then started maneuvering the cord to get it to charge my phone. I finally got it to re-connect after twisting and turning it. Much to my dismay, when I checked on my phone some time after, I saw that my phone did not charge and the battery level was the same as when I left it. Not to mention my phone displayed the following message, “This Accessory may not be supported.”

How many of you continue to pursue people, jobs, or opportunities that seem right for you, but in actuality are not? How many of you are distracted by the potential for something to work, as opposed to facing the reality? Ignoring the signs, placing energy to make something work that is not giving you the power it is supposed to. Not encouraging you to do better or be better but to stay just where you are. In the spirit of the new year, many of us proclaim that we want a new this or new that. Just because someone or something seems right, it does not mean it is right for you. That charger looked like it would work, the listing proclaimed it was compatible, but it still did not serve the purpose I purchased it for. Make sure the people you surround yourself with, the places you frequent, and the opportunities you pursue are helping you to grow. Empowering you to move to the next level, providing you with the tools and resources you need to make your goals your reality. For my believers out there, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” [Proverbs 27:17].

Keep Climbing,


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