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Faith it Til' You Make It

Have you ever heard the saying "Fake it Til' You Make It?" Which essentially encourages people to pretend that everything is alright. Well I challenge you to faith it til you make it. Activate your faith in any and all circumstances. Trust God's will for your life but also be moved to action. If you're discouraged, you can't settle for spending all of your time in bed moping. Pass the test. Trust things will get better. Then, get up and do something to improve your situation. Imagine if you wanted to drive to a distant location but your car was out of gas. Would you sit there staring at the gas gauge upset? I would surely hope not. At some point, you would need to go to the nearest station and fill up! You will never reach your destination if all you do is sit there.

Helpful Scriptures: Hebrews 11:1, James 2: 14-26

Keep Climbing,


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