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This Little Light of Mine

Do not allow people to dim your light. You have not been called to live in anyone’s shadow. God has instilled a light in each and everyone of you. He has given each of us a light to shine on others and to be a light in our sometimes dark and dismal world. In Matthew 5, Jesus challenges his disciples to consider the purpose of light. “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.”

What is your light, you ask? It differs from person to person. It can be your gifts, talents, or abilities. It can be your compassionate nature, joyful countenance, or servant’s spirit. But, do not be mistaken. Your light is not to be compared with anyone else’s. It may appear that someone else’s light shines brighter than yours. But, everything is not as it seems. Your light is purposeful. It is important for you to truly believe this, or else you face the risk of losing yourself in darkness.

Whatever your light may be, do not dim it for anyone. The purpose of your light is not to please others, nor is it to make yourself look more favorable in the eyes of others. Instead, we are called to let our light shine before others, that they may see our good deeds and glorify our heavenly father. [Matthew 5:16]. Notice that the scripture does not say to let your light shine for others, but it says to let your light shine before others.

Shine in the midst of negativity, shine in the midst of frustration, shine in the midst of uncertainty. Be action oriented. Strive to let your light shine in such a way, that others can see their way out of darkness. Share! Help others find their own light. Be the light that helps others see. There is a quote I read once, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” So, be a flame that ignites a fire in others.

Keep Climbing,


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