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Blind Spot

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

Recently, I was driving to North Carolina. On my way there, I had to drive through a mountainous area complete with many curves, sharp turns, and blind spots. I found my self reducing my speed significantly and driving more cautiously. I went from going approx. 65 miles/hour to barely 20 miles/hour. After some reflection, I began to question myself and ask how do I handle the blind spots in my life? How often do you employ your faith and seek the Lord’s provision to help you make it through your blind spot?

A blind spot is a part of a road, where vision is partially or completely obscured. In our lives, a blind spot is a period when you are unable to anticipate what is ahead. Maybe you feel “stuck”and have no idea what your next move is or should be. You are relying on your own strength and abilities and fail to consult God. We have to learn to stop stressing over the direction of our life, and instead remain faithful and travel the journey that God has already prepared for us. We get so caught up in efficiency, that we neglect to slow down when we reach an area of limited sight distance in our lives. Or worse, we mistake it as sign that we need to give up. Now, let me ask you a question. When you reach a parcel of road with a sharp curve, what do you do?

a. Stop, Jump out of the Car and get upset.

b. Make a U-Turn, and find another route

c. Keep Driving

Now, I sure hope that all of you chose option C. We have to learn to take this same mindset when we are unable to see what is ahead in our own lives. We must trust that God has already mapped out our course. And please, STOP allowing a blindspot to make you feel inadequate or anger you. Just slow down and keep driving. Approach each curve cautiously and rest in the lord. Does this seem easier said then done? If yes, utter this prayer that Lord helped me write just for you. Lord, please help me to lose my will in thine. Help me to trust that the path you have prepared for me is better than anything I could even think of drafting for myself. Lord, give me the diligence and spirit of obedience to trust you and to consult with you in all that I do. Lord, I ask that you would remove the spirit of fear within me and replace it with faith in you. Give me the wisdom to know the meaning behind my blind spots. Quiet my voice of doubt and fear, so that I may hear yours. Lord, when I try to speed through life, I ask that you would insert a blind spot so that I may remember who it is that I live for.

Keep Climbing,


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