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Watch your Mouth

A couple of weeks ago, I went out for dinner when I was asked about some people from a previous season of my life that I have since outgrown. When I indicated that I no longer kept in contact with said individuals, I was then asked why? Caught off guard, I answered abruptly saying it was because I found those people to be “messy.” Afterwards, I regretted my response because I knew I could have answered the question better, The following morning during my quiet time, I happened upon this scripture which totally wrecked me and put me in my place. “Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.” 2 Timothy 2:16. I then heard God speak to me telling me that I need to learn to use my words wisely because the more I indulge in gossip and frivolous chatter, the less likely people are to see his glory living within me. Jesus says within Matthew 5:16, that we should let our light shine before others that they may see our good works and in turn glorify our father in Heaven. I am not saying that you should go on quoting scripture, but instead I am encouraging you to live it. There is an old saying that "you may be the only bible some people will ever read." Why is it that we are so quick to say we love the Lord and praise his name, and then use that same tongue to curse someone out? People see that. We can not profess that we serve an awesome, powerful, loving, gracious God and then treat others poorly and act a hot mess.

There will be times when you need to keep things to yourself and refrain from speaking poorly or negatively of others. Because after a while you may become the source of bad energy, bringing the spirits of others down. As hard as it may be sometimes, you must learn to be the bigger person and rise above some things. Your words are powerful and can cause various tastes in the mouths of others. Let your words be sweet, and not salty or bitter. Sometimes you will have to keep it real! However, you should approach each situation with wisdom. Because, some things are better left unsaid.

Also, if you want to read more about watching your words, read Proverbs 16.

Keep Climbing,


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