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Yearning for your Love

As I lay here in Brazil looking at the water cascade off the rocks, I hear Yearning for your Love by Gap band playing in my earphones, and I can not help but wonder how God must feel as we continue to wrestle with whether or not to accept him and trust him with our WHOLE heart. The song says “My heart is yearning for your love” and the bridge continues as the Gap Band continues to serenade their lover by exclaiming “you can’t keep running in and out of my life.” God does not yearn for our love for his own benefit but instead it is for ours. He wants to help you through whatever you are enduring. Stop running away and trust that he is with you during every obstacle, hurdle, and win. Often times, he is even carrying you. Lifting you among the things that man has placed before you to harm you. Remember, we have the potential to be God’s greatest success story.

I actually wrote this post during my study abroad trip in Brazil a few weeks ago.

Keep Climbing,


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