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Agitation, Annoyances, and Irritation

How many of you find yourself getting upset or irritated when someone or something bothers you? There are things that may happen throughout the course of a day that annoy us to the point where our mood changes. We may even become visibly agitated and make sly remarks. Then, when the situation is over and done with we continue to talk about it, allowing it to fester and grow. I have been guilty of this time and time again.

I’ll get irritated by something someone does or at the way a situation played out and I’ll continue to talk about it. “How rude x was” “Why so and so’s behavior upset me?” But why? Why allow people, let alone strangers, have the ability to alter your disposition. Tactfully address the situation when it arises and then let it go. Reminds me of an allegory I once heard about a doctor who was driving to the hospital to perform surgery. While driving, a gnat begins to fly around his face. He gets irritated and begins to swat in its direction. At which point, he loses his focus and gets into an accident. When you think about it, he lost focus on his assignment. When, he left that day his objective was to go to the hospital to perform surgery. But, he allowed a gnat to distract him. Gnats have no real threat. They can’t bite you and are unable to cause you any harm. Think of whatever is irking you at this moment as a gnat. It’s an annoyance that causes you to lose focus. I promise you that your purpose today was not to be bothered and allow someone else’s actions{or even your current situation} to cause you to act outside of yourself. That situation is not the reason you were put on this Earth. So why are you allowing it to ruin your day? You can’t control the hurtful things people will do or say about you. You may not even be able to control the things that cause you to become agitated. However, you CAN control your reaction and response.

Use each day to advance yourself and grow into who you are destined to be. When responding or reacting to these things, make sure it is in such a way that your future self will thank you. Be intentional. Always look for some sort of revelation in your interactions with others. Even if. Scratch that. ESPECIALLY if it is not a good-natured one. Then, it can be used as a blessed reminder not to act that way yourself. Would you rather leave a legacy of being a loving,kind person? Or as someone who is quick-tempered, easily upset, and has an attitude?

Keep Climbing,


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