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Removing Pity from your Guest List

So, I must admit last week was draining! No, not because I was extremely busy or even that I had a long to-do list to tackle. But, it was because I threw a party and self-pity was my guest of honor. At this pity party, I questioned my abilities and potential. I began to doubt myself and grew frustrated feeling as though I have done nothing in my life thus far to leave a lasting legacy. We all do it. We spend too much time entertaining the ‘what-ifs.’ “What-if it’s too tough” “What-if I fail” “What-if this goes wrong.” That’s a problem because we are essentially entertaining negativity in our minds. Your private thoughts will eventually become your public actions. So, stop putting that mess into the atmosphere.

My grandmother is my best friend and in an attempt to invite her to my pity-party, I told her my feelings. But, as always, she gave me the advice I needed to end my party once and for all. She said, “Be patient and stop trying to make things be on your terms. Be trusting and faithful, not doubting and ungrateful. There are so many things in your future that you don’t seem to see in yourself. Instead of saying ‘why’ just say thank you.”

She helped me to realize that I had to remove pity from my guest list, dis-invite it from future functions, and de-friend it. It took that for me to understand that I am exactly where God wants me to be right now. God will always make a way for us to accomplish his will when we are obedient to him. As Marshawn Evans has said we have to eliminate fear and doubt and instead have a champion mindset walking with faith. Realize that as long as you trust God and work hard, you will not fail. That does not mean that you will not fall from time to time. But you are were never, are not, and will never be a failure. You are God’s success story. Get up and do! Don’t sit down and doubt! What God has for you is ahead of you, not behind you.

Remember life is all about the climb. It’s not a leap. Instead, take one step at a time and enjoy the favor along the way. Sometimes the climb is more rewarding than the mountain top anyway.

Keep Climbing,


"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." - Proverbs 16:3
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." - Proverbs 16:9

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