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Not Where you want to be Spiritually?

Don't Fret! It won't happen overnight. Like all great things, it takes time. A strong relationship with God is something you have to constantly work at. It's like if you want to get in shape or get muscles you have to alter your entire lifestyle. If you want to get that beach body, it's not enough to go to the gym. When you get there you have to work out, and then you start small. You won't start off bench pressing a lot of weight, you got to start small and work your way up. Or you won't run 5 miles on the treadmill the first time, it's something you'll be able to do with time if you remain consistent. And then it's counterproductive if you leave the gym and eat a bunch of fast food. You'll have to start eating healthier as well. Same with God, when you start to walk with God you have to be consistent and rid yourself of unhealthy habits and people. So you can become spiritually fit. So don't get discouraged just because you aren't seeing the results as quickly as you'd like.

Keep Climbing,


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