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Baggage Check

Sometimes in life there are inevitable circumstances that you must learn to appropriately manage.I am referring to times when “letting go” is not the best response.This post was inspired by an experience that I have had since I have been in law school. Law school is very reading intensive, and our textbooks are both big and heavy.So much so that I was only able to fit two within my backpack, carried some in a shoulder bag, carried another in my hand, and I also had my laptop bag. By week four by back was killing me and I was having difficulty sleeping from the pain. I knew something had to give.The final straw came when I weighed my bags from my supposed “light” day and discovered that I was carrying around approximately 22 pounds.In response, I purchased a rolling tote to transport my belongings in. It just was not worth throwing my back out or injuring myself. (Especially since chronic back problems run in my family).

We all encounter situations where we have to carry baggage in our lives, whether it is literally or figuratively. But, it is important to differentiate between unnecessary and necessary baggage.There will be times when you will have to carry things, and others when you have to lighten your load.

Unnecessary baggage are those people, places, and things that hinder, rather than help you.They distract, drain, and upset you. I am speaking of those people who were once assets to you but have since transformed into liabilities that adversely affect your livelihood. You spend so much time trying to hold on to it that you are weighed down and become someone you are not. It affects you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It distracts you and you are thus unable to focus on the plan God has for your life. You have not began the process of making your dreams a reality because you are stuck. In the instances of unnecessary baggage, leave it on the conveyor belt!! Release it from you! Also, promise yourself not to become encumbered by the thoughts of who picks it up after you. You got rid of it for a reason. You don’t drink milk past it’s expiration date, so why are you remaining in your current situation when you know that the expiration date has passed.

Now, there are also times when you will be carrying what I referred to as necessary baggage. These are the things that may frustrate us temporarily but we know they will help us to reap vast benefits in the future. The problem is too many times people get it confused with unnecessary baggage and/or get discouraged and give up. We as people are quick to find a way out because it is much easier than finding a solution. Sometimes you have to shift things around and make adjustments. Thinking from a rational perspective, you must make decisions taking your well being into consideration. Live in the now, but think for the future! Accept the reality and adjust accordingly. You can’t give up now, you have come too far from where you started from.

Keep Climbing,


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