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It's the Climb, Part I

Your achievements, failures, triumphs, and even defeats are all part of the climb. They are the experiences through which you gain strength and build up your endurance. As you climb, I have a few jewels of wisdom that will allow you to get the most out of any situation you may face.

Reach for what’s ahead and stop dwelling on the missed steps of the past. For that is not what matters most. Those moments, that moment is something that you will never get back. Just, as this one. The one you’re wasting, as you focus on things that are beyond your control. You are missing out because you keep looking behind you. I need you to push past those pain barriers. Keep Climbing. Keep Going. Set your sights on what’s ahead. Trust that God is your travel companion, that is there every step of the journey. Press forward asking him to lead you.

Be Better. Do Better. Instead of allowing your past to trap you; consider asking yourself one question. What is this situation here to teach me? Life becomes easier when you view your past pains and hurts as teachable moments. Similarly, reflect on the pains and hurts you’ve caused others. What can YOU do to make the situation better? Part of the climb is developing the ability to assess your environment and know the appropriate time to act, move, or be still. Do not hinder your own self by refusing to alter your attitude or face the people or habits that are holding you back.

To Be Continued……

Keep Climbing,


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